YSL vs Saint Laurent- What's The Difference?

Jan 21, 2013
I understand that the new creative director decided to change the name over to Saint Laurent back in 2013 to try to modernize the brand but can anyone explain why we still see bags (and other items) with the YSL brand? At first I thought perhaps the ready to wear line featured the YSL branding and the more couture pieces carried the Saint Laurent naming but I feel like this doesn't seem to hold true. Anyone able to shed some light on this?
Most likely its branding. YSL has been known for a great length of time, and is so recognizable. The quick change from Yves Saint Laurent to Saint Laurent could cause misinterpretation for the brand. An example could be Chole and See Chole, both from Chole, yet See Chole is the lower level of the Chole brand, hope that makes sense. Personally, I'm not too interested in the Saint Laurent branding or the bag designs, if I'm interested in spending money on the current Saint Laurent style/design of bags I have and will continue purchasing Chanel. On the other hand I love the design/styling of YSL pre Saint Laurent, and own/carry many, they a more unique personality.
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ysl is one of the trademarked logos. like the CC for chanel, or lv for louis vuitton. If louis vuitton changed the brand name to vuitton they would still own rights in their trademark lv monogram and would still use it.
They are keeping the full name for the couture. The RTW line was originally called Saint Laurent, so they brought it back for the new RTW. There is an interview with Hedi Slimane on yahoo.com where he explains it. It serves to modernize the brand as you said but to answer your question, the old logo is famous, instantly recognizable and profitable. Why give that up if it draws in so much revenue? The YSL beauty line is a separate entity from the fashion lines so they were not affected.