YSL vs. Christian Louboutin - what to pick??

  1. Hello Gals & Boys,

    I need your help!! I want a fun, summery, wooden/brown sandal. I've narrowed down my choices to

    1. YSL Tribute T-Strap Sandal (for $760.00)
    2. Christian Louboutin Xantrinxia Sandal (for $425.00)

    I initially fell in love with the YSLs, however I'm leaning toward the Louboutins because they are waaaay cheaper (at the moment I don't even know how/if I could fund the YSLs) and because they look as if they might be more comfortable.

    Please: I need opinions!!
    YSL Tribute Sandal.jpg YSL Tribute Sandal 2.jpg Christian Louboutin Xantrinxia.jpg Christian Louboutin Xantrinxia 2.jpg
  2. ysl:tup: love the heel .:heart:
  3. You should post this thread in the glass slipper
  4. my choice would be Ysl....they are more chic
  5. Ysl.
  6. good idea, I probably should have thought of that earlier. I don't think i can repost it thought, since reposting threads (even in different sub-forums) isn't allowed...i think

    i also posted it here, because I was thinking of the versatility of the shoes...which shoe is more fitting to a different amount of outfits...KWIM?

    thanks for your input miss gucci, my purse addiction & lil miss cheeky!
  7. don't worry..we glad we can help pick u roght pair of shoes for u ..are u decidet(do't know if is it good written)yet??
  8. YSL are so much nicer imo.
  9. aarg, i don't know! you people are enablers! pushing me toward the YSL...i'm still undecided. although i am in love with the YSL silhouette...

    thanks for the opinions!
  10. I guess I'm in the minority. I prefer the Louboutins. There's something about the very skinny heel + the platform on the YSL that says "stripper" to me... I prefer the chunkier heel on Louboutin.
  11. YSL for sure! Love this style. And I recommend the shoe forum also
  12. The YSLs look way cuter, but the CL look like they'd be easier to walk in. My vote goes to YSL.
  13. Ysl!
  14. YSL. I don't like the braided detail on the CLs.
  15. I like the YSL better too. The CL seems much more casual.