YSL violet muse @ nordstrom for $554.90

  1. Hi all, my SA has just told me there is a few OS violet muses on sale at nordie, and the price is $554.90. If you are interested in this funky color, give them a call, I just ordered one for myself.:yahoo:
    Btw, anyone knows...what year is this bag(violet color)?
  2. ahhh... what a good deal! i wish i had more moola... but i'm pushing it right now:sad:
  3. Do you know which size and which location? Thanks!
  4. oooh I would love to see this colour!!! hope one of our lovely gals gets one , so we can drool over it :smile:
  5. Wow, that is a great deal! Congrats.

    The violet Muse just came out for Spring/Summer 07. I'm surprised that its marked down so low already.

    I've seen this color IRL and it is gorgeous!!! Not too bright and in-your-face; just right. A deep, rich purple that will be wearable year round. Here's a pic from Raffaello Network:

    Violet Muse from LVR.jpg
  6. oooooo.... i want i want:drool:
  7. can u please tell me what location is this bag at?? I want one too!! thx
  8. Me TOOOO ...location please!!! :yes:
  9. Called Nordstrom, they said they are completely out of OS Purple Muse bag... =X
  10. Great Color -- What Location??
  11. :sad: Too bad! I'm dying for a purple bag!!
  12. Wow, that is a good deal for a Muse.
  13. That's a gorgeous color! Congrats to anyone that managed to get it at that price!:nuts:
  14. It is definitely a fabulous color. I thought this color would be hard to get, but instead it goes on sale!