YSL Vincennes - replace Mombasa?

  1. Hello to all of you! I am Keren and this is my first post (ok, it is the second, the first was at the introduction thread:smile: ).

    It is really amazing: so many YSL professionals at one place!

    I have two Mombasas and two Kahalas, and now i have a new favorite - Vincennes.

    My question: will this bag replace the Mombasa? Or is it a variation of it, a trend not a classic one?

    The small one costs here in Germany 999 Euro, at the summer sale i sow the suede pink one for 400 Euro. What do you think, will the black or dark brown version go on winter sale? Cause there are some on ebay (600-700Euro) and now i don´t now what to do: buy or wait...:shrugs:

    i have read here posts from so many happy Vincennes owners...and i love this bag so much!

    What do you advise me?


    Kind Regards

  2. Welcome! :yahoo:

    I see Vincennes as a nice trendy variation of the Mombasa, but not a classic like the Mombasa. Vincennes is more feminine to me, whereas Mombasa is chic if that makes sense lol? Love both!
  3. I don't think it's a replacement, like Twinklette stated, I think it's a variation of the Mombasa. The Mombasa is a stand-by classic that I don't see YSL discontinuing any time soon.
  4. hey, what are the sizes of the vincennes. i just got mine today and it's small, i thought i had ordered the large??? i'm a little disappointed, i was looking for a big bag. :sad:
  5. I went to the YSL boutique this past weekend and there were quite a few new Mombasa bags. They had leather, ostrich (in fabulous colors) and patent leather mombasa bags. I did not see any bags from the Vincennes collection.
    I have the Mala Mala, Mombasa and a Vincennes and I love them all!