YSL VINCENNES: LAST TRACE OF TOM FORD? - are you still looking for this?

  1. is the vincennes the last of tom ford's or is it the first after him? i personally prefer YSL during TF's time :crybaby: so sorry to those who prefer the current flow.

    btw, any opinion on this one? i am not asking for authentication, but just saw a thread of gals looking for vincennes. not sure if they are still looking.

  2. ^^ weird, there's no photos listed (?) :shrugs:
  3. The Vincennes are cheap on eBay right now. I stupidly sold my python limited edition olive one (only sold at a few select YSL stores) on eBay for $250 when I paid over $1200 :sad:
  4. I believe that the Vincennes came after Tom Ford left Gucci.
  5. are vincennes faked? i went to the ysl in BH and they had the small ones on sale for 40% off... which made it around $700 something... they had white, cream, and brown...

    i think i need to look on ebay for a large black one. if anyone sees it, can you let me know?
  6. YES Vincennes are faked. I have been searching for a large black but they are VERY hard to find on ebay or anywhere for that matter.
  7. to anyone who actually has this bag, does it hurt your shoulders carrying it around? i know you can slide the metal down but does it get uncomfortable?
  8. it's not the most comfortable to carry - I have the smaller size in pink leather.
  9. what is the measurement of the large bag? someone is selling one but i can't tell if it's the large or the smaller one..

    thanks in advance!
  10. So, i am still very interested in this bag. There aren't any on ebay - where can i find? I also don't want to pay a fortune. Either in black or very dark brown (but what i really need is a black leather bag, so...that would be best).

    Thanks :smile:

    oh, and i just saw below that that one is on sale, but $700 is still alot and i'd like to spend under $400 if possible...(and in large size, not small)...is that asking too much?

  11. yes.
  12. hmmm nancypants...we'll see :s

    if i hold out, i think i may be able to do it.

    thanks for the "hope" though. :noworry:
  13. yay! i just got a brand new large black leather vicennes from the boutique for $479!!! i did it. goal completed.

    they are having a 60% off sale.

    i told you you'd see nancypants :P
  14. Which boutique satine?

  15. congrats..that's so cool!!! i decided not to get the vicennes because it'll hurt my shoulders. i got the fendi spy and the lv manhattan instead.. hehehehe

    did they have another one??? heheheh