YSL Vincennes hobo...

  1. anyone know if there were fakes/reproductions made of this bag??

    Curious as a friend wants to sell me hers and I'm not sure how to tell authenticity. She rec'd it as a gift and claims it's authentic and will send me any pics I need.

    Thanks for thoughts! :amuse:
  2. I think your best bet is to take it into NM or a YSL boutique. I don't know if your friend's is a fake, but I can say that I've seen eBay sellers with this bag at semi-believable prices, but they were selling other "it" bags (i.e. Stams) at very low, "it's-a-fake-for-sure" prices.
  3. Yes, there have been many fakes of the Vincennes.
  4. There are tons of fake YSL bags, but if you post the pics maybe we can help:yes:
  5. she posted already I believe{?} in the Authenticate This! Forum{?}
  6. Yes I did post pics - in the Authenticate This in YSL and in the main board. Can someone let me know their thoughts? Thanks!
  7. Okay, I checked out the pics in the Authenticate This forum. I had the smaller version in my hot hot hands a month ago and regretfully didn't buy it:sad:. This bag looks good to me. Its a gorgeous bag. good luck:cool:
  8. Janice can you tell me how you know it's authentic, what do I look for? Want to make sure before I send the $ as I've never seen this bag in person so wouldn't know if I got a fake one upon receipt. Thank you!
  9. I check out the hardware and the logo. Also, the price. This bag retailed for over $1K.
  10. She wants $600 for it as it was gently used...what should I look for on the hardware? Thanks!