YSL Vincennes Hobo...anywhere?

  1. Has anyone seen these anywhere online to order? My friend had one for sale on eBay but I got outbid (was on vacation @ auction end and our B&B didn't have internet access)!!!! They were supposed to but of COURSE it was down and I lost out :crybaby: Looking for it in black, if anyone knows of where I could find one? Please PM me. thanks so much :nuts: I keep hunting eBay but all there are are fakes....
  2. Its available at Saks.com in black and dark chocolate.
  3. THANK YOU! I was hoping to get it on sale but may consider paying full price as I want it badly...if I don't like it at least I can send it back right? How is the Saks return policy?
  4. they also have it at the YSL store in houston, tx. i know a good SA, let me know if u want to order it from there. they have it in white, black & chocolate & as of 7/11 they have a pink suede one for only $399!!! i got that one...its very cute!!! if u want pics, let me know..they still had some left besides the display.:yahoo:
  5. moviegirl why the price is so cheap??? may I take a look of the pics please. thx
  6. Moviegirl - I PM'd you on this - unfortunately have car repair bills right now but can make plans for a future purchase so let me know. Thanks so much!

  7. the price is so cheap at YSL bc they're having their final markdown sales now. of course it is a final sale & plus the pink suede was for spring/summer. the fall season bags are in leather. the SA had several in the back that she let me choose from so the one i got wasnt a display. will send pics in pm if u want.
  8. ^Can you post the pics to this thread?
  9. I remember when you were looking. Yikes! I thought you won it. sorry. I shall keep a watchful eye out for you. FYI YSL in Bal Harbor had the pink suede and 2 beige courdoroy ones on sale. But, I know you want black. The pink suede is GORGEOUS! Heck, they all are.
  10. Twinklette can post a pic of the bag pls???
  11. hey gals! here the pics to my pink suede YSL vincennes. may i say again i got this baby for $399 at the YSL store in Houston, TX!!! I love the color it's very different. Altho, its more of a spring/summer bag, the suede makes it very fall/winter & the pink makes it pop out amongst ur fall/winter clothes! I LOVE IT!!!:heart::yahoo:
    YSL 1.jpg YSL 2.jpg YSL 3.jpg YSL 4.jpg
  12. Beautiful bag Moviegirl, and what a steal!
  13. MOVIE THAT IS STUNNING!!! I love pink too but *really* need a black bag :sad:
  14. wow moviegirl, the bag looks so cute! i love the color!!!
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