YSL - Vegas

  1. Does anyone know about about a store in the Forum Shops called Corsa Collections? They have the Muse bag being I've not heard of this place I'm a bit leary. And being that I've not seen a YSL bag up close and personal I'm not sure what I should be looking for. HELP!

  2. I've purchased from Corsa Collections before. They only carry the real deal! They're a great store. Danny's a really nice SA out there!
  3. thank you. I'm definitely heading back there!!
  4. Don't be leary. The store has WONDERFUL authentic merchandise!
  5. This is a very nice store and they had a lot of YSL bags in the window the last time I was there which was only 2 weeks ago.
  6. Ohhh, where are the Forum shops located because I am going in December and want to check this store out?