Ysl Uptown

  1. Does anyone know what season this uptown is from? I've never seen it in this shade and i was just wondering if it's for spring. I saw it on the harper's bazaar website.
  2. The Uptown was new for Fall 07/08... I have not seen any new ones for Spring / Summer so I think it is from lats season. One in a similar color is on sale at Saks.com
  3. ^^ Huge sale- a whole $100 off! :hrmm:
  4. Yeah, it was from last fall in Navy, Bordeaux, Grey, Black, and White. The new spring color is a light lilac and pearl. That is also the small size. There is a large size and a mini also made.
  5. Well, I think it's so elegant but not dowdy. I'll take one in every color please. Gee I'm glad I'll get that $100 off at Saks!
  6. Yea, I was thinking that maybe it was the navy from fall but it looked way to bright.