YSL Trunk Show-- New IT bags

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  1. I was just in the ysl store to day and my SA walked me through the whole new fall collection. Looks like the new "Uptown" is on its way to becoming the new IT bag. I's a structured rectangle bag with handles. Much more of an "uptown ladies" bag than the downtown or the muse for that matter.

    Then there is another bag (i forgot the name) that is like a bucket bag with a draw string closure. Looks very cool and the blue color is amazing.

    Looking forward to fall!
  2. Ohh cant wait to see the new fall bags! Is the uptown small, like the one from the runway pics that looks like it doesnt close?
  3. Thanks for the info.! :yes:

    Is this the Uptown bag, by chance? I posted this pic earlier. It's from Elle magazine.

  4. Thanks for posting. Looking forward to the Fall collection. =)
  5. Here's the Uptown from Saks.com...

    YSL Uptown small bag.JPG
  6. ^ Would like to see the sides of this bag. Wondering if it's a frame bag.
  7. love blue patent!!
  8. I love the navy patent leather, the bag itself is not my style. The first one though is gorgeous.
  9. I went to the YSL boutique here in Chicago and asked about it. The SA told me she thought it looked "old ladyish." :Push: I like it. :sad:
  10. In my opinion, that doesn't have "new IT bag" potential. I guess I may have to eat my words. ;)
  11. i went to the trunkshow in sf, and saw the uptown in black croc...
    retailed for $25K!!!!
    according to my sa, it's only coming in croc and patent leather for now, but could come in other leathers later...

    here's the grey croc...

    the drawstring bag is the seaside...
    it comes in a thicker, textured leather and a croc...
  12. My SA said the uptown is coming in 2 patent leather colors and then croc. I think a family vacation or a diamond somehting would be better spent but it is beautiful.
  13. I would need a shoulder bag, but really think it gorgeous.