Ysl tributes

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  1. Just wondering what the consensus on the YSL tributes was....do you gals think it looks like a hookerish/fetish shoe? some versions of the YSL shoe come with a 6" heel and they actually are sold out everywhere....long waiting lists to get them.

    I got the shorter heel version earlier this week on sale, which was a shock to me. (stock photo below of my version)....what do you gals think?


  2. Love them!
  3. cute cute!
  4. Not a fan but they looks cute on Christina.
  5. Wherever did you find them on sale FW1?

    I really like them . I'm afraid to buy them b/c I'm afraid they might look silly on me. I do love the shoe though. Will you post modeling pics so we can see what they look like on?
  6. those are hot! but i dont think i can pull it off....
  7. i don't think they're hookerish at all (...well coz i have a pair) :blush: here's a pic

  8. ^WOW hotness to the max!!! I love how they look with a skirt...I dont think they are hookerish either, but I wanted to know what others thought...I ordered 2 pairs...excited until they come!
  9. i think they look hot
  10. they are SO hot
  11. clu, they look amazing on you.

    I think they look much more like a fetish shoe when they are not on the foot lol. On, they just look incredible, and you can wear them easily all night.

    You done amazingly to get them on sale, Congratulations :biggrin:
  12. Before I saw them on I would have said no. But seing them on Christina and clu, I think that they look great!! Congrats!
  13. I love them! Though, I prefer the red suede ones.

  14. :drool: omg, pure hotness! They even look comfortable because of that nice big platform. It pains me to not own these! :crybaby:
  15. I just got my black patent peeptoe MaryJanes today and they are AMAZING :yahoo:- not hookerish at all! And, they are comfortable :p. (I got the 4" heel)