YSL Tributes - so cute!

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  1. Is there anything cuter than this dress and YSL Tributes on Kylie Minogue? I just love this style!

    Kylie Minogue 74230509.jpg Kylie Minogue 74263224.jpg
  2. Love the shoes but that dress does nothing for her
  3. I can think of something cuter:
    Drew in YSL tributes

  4. Drew looks fab!
  5. I agree she could have picked a more flattering dress.

    But I LOVE the YSL Tributes. I have the shorter version, but I think the taller ones are TDF. I just don't know if I can justify buying them because I usually just wear my heels to work and that might be just a little much to wear for work.
  6. Love love the shoes though she could do better with the dress..

    but..gosh I can't stand her overpumped collagen lips!!! :shrugs:
  7. Love, love, love YSL Tributes (the tall version). I have two different pair of knock-offs (black suede and black smooth leather). I admit that I bought them before I ever tried on the real thing, but I can honestly say that the knock-offs fit a hundred times better. One pair only cost $32.00 ~ the elast expensive shoes I have ever owned...but they're gorgeous!

    The Tribute sandel is TDF.
  8. I am so in love with these shoes!
  9. Love the colour!!
  10. Shorter ones?? I didn't know there was such a thing, I've always been put off by how high they are. How high are yours? Could you possibly post a pic?
  11. I didn't know that either, that would be great! Are they available online? TIA
  12. Tribute 4 7/8" Heel


    Tribute 3" Heel

    Knock-Offs (from Cutesyshoes.com) 5 1/4" Heel
  13. ^^^ Where are the red ones available?
  14. I'm still kicking myself for passing up the pump version of the tributes on sale at Neimans.
  15. Where were the shorter version? How did I miss that as bad as I wanted a pair. Does anyone know if the shorter version are still available and where.