YSL Tributes - Keep or Return - pics

  1. I'm so undecided on these. I think they are very sexy. I can easily walk in them. Just not sure I'll get much use out of them. I worry they might look to stripper style. I think they can look classy with the right outfits. I also think they look better with black tights. I may have gotten caught up in the "hot" shoe and they are sold out.

    Should I keep or return? I'd feel better if I got them on sale but I paid full price. $660.


  2. I depends on your outfits...they are hot..but you may not get much "everyday" use..more use if going out to clubs...I would vote to return
  3. Those shoes are so hot it would be hard to return them. I ordered the lower heel version because I wanted to be able to get everyday use out of them since I never go out. I still feel a little funny wearing them to work though. Where were you planning on wearing them?
  4. I love them with tights, they look great but I can see what you mean about stripper shoes. I would keep them as long as you can before the return policy runs out and see if they go on sale anywhere in the next 30 days. Talk to your SAs and have them keep an eye out. If I couldnt find them cheaper I would probably keep them but it depends on where you live and how much you go out.
  5. I love the Tributes, but I know what you mean about them being stripperish. Maybe you can try to find the ones without the platforms (I think I saw them on Bluefly?)? They still have the tribute feel but are much more demure.
  6. are you kidding me? those shoes are so hot (dont really like them with the black tights though)

    pencil skirt, shirt dress, jeans...the possibility are endless.

    Take a chance in fashion with those gorgous shoes!!
  7. I'd wear them for evenings out. But I have several other black shoes for that. Def not a work shoe. I tried on the non platform ones. They didn't do it for me. There's something the little lip on the platform that got me.

    I've seen the lower heels go on sale. Not the 105mm. I got them at YSL so there's only a 10 day return policy.

    Decisions..........That's why I love this forum.
  8. I think they have that "stripper" element to them, but maybe that's the point? To shock people :smile:
  9. I think they're great; definitely worth keeping. As long as your hemline stays just above the knee or below I don't think they will look too stripper esque.
  10. I have the same pair but in all black patent leather but I LOVE the ivory heel. Keep them!! The lower 75mm heel seems to always go on sale but not the 105mm ones. I wouldn't say they look "stripperish" because it's not like it has a clear heel. Many designers make platform shoes with a 5" heel. I think the one without the platform is too boring and plain. If you let these go, you might have a trouble time finding them again so KEEP THEM!
  11. I am not too crazy about them... The height is just too much for me.
  12. keep it!! it is pure eye candy..
  13. Keep Them!
    Those are beautiful! I have the exact same, and I do get quite a lot of wear out of them!

  14. keep them! they're sooo hot!
  15. i totally agree! i love them with and without the tights!
    these are my absolute favorite version of the Tributes.