YSL Tributes: Is anyone copying the style?

  1. I think the YSL Tributes are totally gorgeous, and I am head over heels in ove with them, but I have no intention of shelling out $650-$1,000 for a pair. Have any other manufacturers started to copy the style yet that you've seen? When CL Bruges were the hottest thing going, it didn't take long for the market to be flooded with knock-offs. I wonder if the same thing will happen with the YSL's. I am wanting either the 4" or the 6" version.



  2. I agree - the tributes are about the most gorgeous heels ever - dainty/sexy/sophisticated and soooo high - all at the same time! I mean what else could a girl ask for?...and if course I just LOVE all the pics you posted.

    The closest thing I've seen to them so far is a couple of styles by Michael Antonio. I'll try and find a link/pics of them for you ASAP.

  3. The common answer to a question like this is STEVE MADDEN. lol

    If you go to stevemadden.com, he has copied Manolo Blahnik, Miu Miu, Louboutin, YSL, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, blah blah blah and the list goes on. Here is "his" version of the YSL tribute.


    There is no peep toe on this version, but if you search the site there are other pumps and what not w/ a peep toe.

    I have the 4" YSL tribute slingback w/ the ivory heel and I love them! Good luck. ;)

    edit: http://secondcitystyle.typepad.com/second_city_style/2007/08/deja-shoe-caopy.html

    So, the experts even pick that one as the inspired version. hehe

  4. I like the Steve Madden's...sort of. I guess that after saqying that I would be happy with the 4" or 6", I really meant I want the 6" Tributes. I want to find a pair like VB, but in black. I am sure some shoe company will have a copy soon enough. (I used to be snobby about knock-offs, but ever since I bought CL Bruges for $600, I decided I would like more copies and fewer over-priced originals).
  5. Oh i love this style. I want to get a pair in the 4 inch black patent but dont know how they run size wise? Can anyone here who has them offer some advise? They don't run as small as louboutin right? Thank you!