YSL tributes in or out dated?

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  1. I just bought a pair of matte black tributes(lower heel). Some people have said they are outdated? Aren't they considered a classic?? They were a lot of $$ and I just want to make sure they are worth the investment:smile: Thanks!
  2. Hi!
    More importantly, do you love the shoe? if you do, then I say it was worth it. Items become classics when the masses continue to wear and love a particular style, otherwise they die out. Remember, shoes, handbags and so on are never an investment, buy because you love it. Enjoy your new shoes! :smile:
  3. I will say they're still IN! And yes, I consider them classic:heart: I have one pair for 8years now and they are so comfy. Planning to buy beige ones for this summer (would be my 4th YSL's). They are still on shelves in major department stores and people are buying them here in NYC! :tup:
  4. Sometimes I go to department stores to see the SLP shoes and all they have are tributes. I think this means they are well stocked because they are still selling well. This is one of the few pre-Hedi pieces that SLP still stocks so I think they are classic. All that matters is whether you like them!
  5. I just bought a pair yesterday and love how they look. They are also more comfy than I imagined and IMO the design is a classic.
  6. I think Tributes are classics and honestly one of the sexiest shoes ever made
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  7. I have one pair but fully intend to stock up on more in case they become discontinued, I never want to be without them!