YSL Tribute Slingback - Grey Shoes

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  1. I Have purchased these shoes on ebay classified as new, with lots of pictures of celebrities wearing them, and genuine pics of the shoes.


    When they arrived they are clearly counterfeit, not as advertised, and do not match the pictures on ebay. see attached pics.
    Can somebody clarify the counterfeit or authenticate for me please ? as ebay will not refund my money without proof they are counterfeit. £402.00

    Attached Files:

  2. Those look really fake. Definetly not what was in the ebay auction.

    You can just tell real from fake.
  3. This might be a stupid suggestion, but maybe go to the boutique and have them say in writing that they're fakes? I'm sorry if I'm missing something and it's a silly idea.
  4. The YSL boutique will not authenticate anymore for legal reasons, we have been there. Also the shop who's phone number is on the box, said due to the fact they were purchased from ebay they can't help.
  5. Can you call them and tell them it was not as advertised, period? Even the heel tips are a different color than the photos online.
  6. I thought that might be the case which was why I was nervous about suggesting it. I hope you get it sorted though.
  7. if you just look at the placement of the logo alone they are CLEARLY in two very different spots.
  8. You should post this in the ebay thread, because they have great suggestions there. I know you can file a complaint with ebay, because they are fake. Have you emailed the seller telling him/her they are fake and that s/he needs to take them back.

    Once you post it in the EBAY Thread, they are super helpful and can explain.

    Good luck!
  9. wow just wow.. does ebay not see that these are clearly two different pairs of shoes.

    1. the tip of the heel are two completely different colors
    2. like someone else said interior logo placement
    3. stitching=bad
    4. placement of interior label numbers
    5. placement of the seam on the side

    I could go on and on... Can you get a chargeback on your credit card?
  10. Thank you very much for advice,
    i will try to see if any of these can get my money back
    thanks for taking some of your time to look at these for me :smile:
  11. Thankyou for your time and help :smile:
  12. thanks i have checked all my shoes and they all have the logo higher up :smile:
  13. Thank you!
  14. So sorry this happened to you! I do agree it doesn't look like the ones in the Ebay link !!Hope you get back the refund soon!!
  15. That is terrible. I never thought of that. But you should definitely win in this case.