YSL Tribute, should I pre-order?

  1. I have been drooling over the YSL Tributes for a while now. I haven't been able to find any in my size online, and they don't seem to sell them anywhere here. I just went to YSL.com and they have them in my size in the exact style I like available for pre-order, but it doesn't say when they would be available. Do you think I should pre-order them or just wait? I wonder if they will be available at Saks or NM in the future in more sizes.
  2. I would pre-order them to make certain you can get them. If they turn up later on Saks or NM and you can get extra points or an ecg or something then you can always change.
  3. I want one too but I really need help with sizes,,,:confused1:
  4. I saw the black patent 6" version at NM Beverly Hills. LOVE EM!! i would pre-order them just in case...
  5. YSLs are pretty true to size, in fact quite generous in cutting. I wear 37.5 for most YSL shoes - including the non-platform Tribute, but for the platform Vichys (quite similar to Tribute) I actually had to size down half to 37. Mind you, my feet are not narrow. For reference, I'm 38-38.5 for CLs, 37.5 for Miu Mius. HTH.
  6. Have you tried calling NM or Saks? I bought (and returned) the Tributes at my NM - didn't have them in stock but my SA did a charge send. If you really want them, it wouldn't hurt to preorder on YSL.com...but this has been a really popular shoe and I'd worry about them not restocking. GL!
  7. I wear a 5.5 normally and have narrow feet. Do you think I should order just a 5?
  8. Zophie, I would pre-order. They are a last season shoe, so who knows if they'll turn up again at the dept stores. YSL's website does offer items not available in stores or even their own boutiques, so grab them, just in case they don't appear again.

    Are you looking at the platform or non-platform Tributes? YSL are TTS, a little bit on the roomy side, so order accordingly.
  9. I alos wear a 5.5 normally, but bought these in a 5. They fit fine. YSL runs a bit big.
  10. I want the platform tribute with the lower heel, not the super high 6" or whatever it is. I like the one with the closed back, not the slingback. I've seen them on Saks website but they don't have my size. I think I'll pre-order just in case.
  11. Yes, I got the 6 inch version. It really slopes your foot more than any other shoe I own.
  12. I have the platform version but the lower heel as well and I adore them! I would pre-order for sure, there is no harm in doing that and you may be heartbroken if they sell out on you. For reference I wear a 39 in CL shoes and I got a 8.5 in the YSL. I hope that helps!
  13. Since you wanted it so bad~ YES RE-ORDER THEM :yes:
  14. I just preordered them. Hopefully I actually end up getting them and I like them.