YSL Tribute Shoes

  1. What do you guys think of the YSL tribute shoes??
  2. Amazing! Planning to get one!
  3. IMO those are a pair that look great in pics and on celebs...but IRL, I'm not so sure. I've never seen them on anyone, so I'm not saying they're not great, but I can't imagine someone walking down the street in those platforms and thinking "hey, those are great!"...just me though, if you love em' get em'.
  4. Beautiful to look at, most likely, hell to walk around in.
  5. ITA. I think they are beautiful, but they were not practical for me. I went w/ the 100 mm slingback version that has the ivory heel and I love them. Perhaps that is an option if you still want the look, but with a little more practicality?

    And, the version I have that is pictured is VERY comfortable, but still very sexy IMO with the 4" ivory heel. :smile:

    Pictures from Saks and eBay
    YSL Tribute Slingback.jpg YSL Tribute Slingback4.JPG YSL Tribute Slingback6.JPG YSL Tribute Slingback5.JPG
  6. I think they're spectacular, which version are you considering?
  7. Picked up a pair of the Tribute Vichy's while I was in Paris. They are lovely, and don't feel as high as they look, by virtue of being a platform. However, if you ask me how many times I've worn them, I'll have to confess to having worn them a big fat ZERO times! They are not at all fashionable-but-i-can-get-away-with-it shoes. These are all out, catwalk-realm shoes. I wouldn't wear them unless I was attending an event with Anna Wintour as a guest.
  8. fate, I was asked to Fashion Week last week by Anna, weren't you? haha
  9. I love high heels and platforms! I am curious though is the 6 inch version still available ? does anyone know or have a pair to show off? :yes:
  10. Oh, yes, Anna and I go waaaaaaay back. We's be homeys, Anna and me! Chillin' in da hood...


    (Needless to say, those YSL Tributes will sit in my shoe closet, destined for a life of oggles from just me and the BF.)
  11. I was looking for it yesterday at Neimans and they didnt' have them. Maybe I'll go to Barneys...A friend of mine bought one and she said that it's PAINFULLLLL. so I don't know.. I'll have to try them on.. Have you guys seen the leopard version of it??
  12. I think they're hot ... on celebs. I can't actual picture anyone wearing them.

    (except of course fateful who's going to be wearing them at fashion week while sitting next to BFF Anna!)
  13. [​IMG]

    The only 6" version ones I have seen are the ones at barneys.com (black or grey)
  14. ^ thanks hsl. I want a pair so badly. I love the animal print....
    They look great on eve.. and I love her Jimmy Choo clucth.
  15. I love the leopoard print one! do you know if its printed or pony hair??
    Where can I get those? I haven't seen them anywhere.. what do you think of the red ones?