YSL Tribute Maryjane questions

  1. Hello sweets!

    I think I want a pair of these shoes. They are just "weirdly" cute ... kinda whore'ish ... I know but definitely an icon imo. So, anywho, for those of you who owns a pair, would you mind telling me how the size run? Are they TTS? I wear a 6.5 in CL, so do you think a 7 would be okay?

    Here's a pic. of the one that I'm eyeing on right now ...


    Thanks all! :heart:
  2. I don't have an answer to your question but I love these shoes too! I would love them in regular leather. The are sort of stripperish but so sexy!! I would like to know how they run size wise too.
  3. These shoes are so weird, i thought they were fugly at first. But then I saw a pic of Christina Aguliera wearing them and now I think I like their unique look...
  4. Saks has a closed toe suede version in black and grey.
  5. ilovemylilo i have these in dark brown with a beige pump..they are TTS
  6. Have these in the checked version (couldn't leave Paris without spoils from YSL!).

    True to size. Beautiful but arguably, one of the harder shoes to walk in -- and I'm a 100 - 120mm shoe girl!

    Def iconic. Absolutely gorgeous. Go for them -- they will have a place in shoe fashion history!
  7. I love them, I think they are beautiful. I say go for them. I like the higher heel version, ie the ones that Posh was recently wearing. And if you try the YSL boutiques, they are probably on sale now so you will get a good deal on them.
  8. They are tts, and if anything a little generous, so I would recommend going for your regular size.

    I have them in the purple suede, I adore them, and found them fine to walk in too ;)

  9. another piccie, jsut coz they are so darn gorgeous :biggrin:

  10. chloe-babe: Thank you for the pics! Those babies are TDF!!! Love the matching purse ... W:heart:W!!!
  11. Thank you all for the inputs! You guys are the best ... will update once I get them :smile:
  12. chloe-babe, omg those are so beautiful! i have such a weakness for purple shoes. :heart:
  13. thankyou :smile:

    ilovemylilo, im so glad you are going to get them

    cant wait to see the piccies :biggrin:
  14. I almost bought these today...I tried the purple ones a few days ago and loved them but weren't sure how many of my clothes could go with them. I tried the black leather (not patent) with the suede platform today, but the heel is cream. The SA said it was transferred from another region and is pretty much sold out in other countries. Is this going to be limited edition or you guys think they'll come out with newer styles? They only have one pair in each size...
  15. I literally LOLed when I read this part of your post. Some people will think that they are "whoreish", BUT I think they can also look very classic and absolutely gorgeous if worn right! I hope that made sense..hehe.