YSL Tribute in Medium

  1. Seeing the new colors out on the YSL Tribute, I'm tempted to purchase this bag. At 800.00 it doesn't seem so bad for a tote.

    For those of you who have one, do you use it often? Does it hold all your essentials?

    Have any of you seen the spring colors out and about? I'm tempted by the pearl grey and berry.
  2. If you're looking at the Pearl Grey and Dark Berry on ysl.com, those are actually online exclusive colors that became available last fall (I want to say around October) rather than new spring colors. You were probably intending to order online anyway, but I just thought I'd mention that since it means you won't be spotting them out in the boutiques.

    I actually had the Dark Berry and it's a pretty color. I'd call it a raisin color, it's like a brownish, reddish purple. In low lighting, it takes on a burgundy look. It was lovely, but I was just looking for something a little different which is why I didn't hang onto it. I've never seen the Grey Pearl but it also looks very pretty.
  3. I almost bought a medium, but I went with the large to carry my sketchbook (and I also have too many medium sized bags). The medium was a perfectly sized every day bag.

  4. Wow that's it's only an on-line color I'm tempted by the Pearl Grey. Thanks for all the info, it was really helpful towards my decision making :tup:
  5. :tup: I think that would be a gorgeous color for a new spring bag!