YSL Tribute Help

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  1. I think from the original price point of the link you posted, it should be the larger Tribute tote. I believe the smaller Tribute in that version originally retailed for $1195? I could be wrong though. Can you verify the dimensions or post a picture? I believe that there is a Tribute thread in the reference section that should be helpful. Good luck!
  2. Thank so much Suli. I can't post a pic yet because I just ordered the bag on the last day of the sale and have not received it yet. I'll be sure to post measurements and pic when I do get it. It just seems odd that people were saying it was small but when I compared prices the original was not the price for a small just as you stated.
  3. If you go to ysl.com, the medium sells for $1395 and the large sells for $1595. Pretty sure the one you bought from NM is the medium.
  4. I have that bag, and I don't think its a small bag. The large, is really large. My medimum is big enough for me and I'm 5'6''.
  5. I have that bag (in medium) as well, and I'm 5'4". It's the perfect size on me, since the large was a little overwhelming on me when I tried it on. Without a coat, I can carry the medium on my shoulder. With a winter coat, though, it's a handheld or crook-of-the-elbow bag only. I love mine, it's a great bag!
  6. It's a medium.