YSL Tribute Bag FAKE :(

  1. Wow !!! I wish I had known about this forum prior to being taken for a ride.
    Reader's Digest Version...
    Received the bag today after waiting a month (thank goodness I hope I payed via Paypal)http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230258023474 the bag smelled horribly and the zippers had some engraving of the word..looks like larypo or something like that. Started to become suspicious so I posted a question in the eBay forum and I was directed here. After searching around low and behold I see a post from "gr8heart"
    describing "mersly" and her selling of fakes !!!!
    Lucky me now I have won.
    I have filed a claim with paypal and filed a report with eBay "Listing violations..counterfeits and copyright violations" I guess it will be a waiting game now...
    Any other suggestions..should I now leave feedback for her of the negative sort :cursing:
    Any guidelines would be greatly appreciated !!
    Thank you !!!
  2. They will probably now want you to get a letter saying it is fake to get your paypal refund...A lot of people use caroldiva.com, as it seems to be cheaper and faster than the others.

    Paypal will send you a list of what you have to do...you filed a claim with PP, right for SNAD? (Signif. not as described.)

    Don't leave feedback while you are mad...wait till the pp thing is settled, and then see what you want to leave them. If it is counterfeit, she may get naru'd anyway. If not, then yes, leave a dispassionate neg saying the facts only.

    Good luck and sorry it happened to you!
  3. lampo. all ysl bags use lampo zippers.
  4. I don't think that is true brian, cos some of my YSL downtown has like YSL zippers but not lampo, but the lampo appears mostly on the muse.
  5. Hi all -

    Does anyone have an authentic YSL Tribute bag serial number then can post? ... I just bought a a large ivory tribute bag on eBay and am wondering if it's realy or not. I haven't been able to locate any other ivory bag lilke this. It also has the "lampo" engraving on the zipper.


    Thanks in advance for any info you provide!!

  6. Sorry to hear of your experience....hope you get a full refund back!