YSL Tribute a versatile shoe?

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  1. #1 Jun 13, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2016
    Hello all,
    Today I tried on the YSL Tribute in black patent and black leather. It's a beautiful and comfortable shoe. My question to those of you who own this shoe, is it worth it? Do you find it easy to dress up and down? Do you wear it often? Can it be worn with a dressy dress for a fancy dinner out? I'm leaning black patent. Also, do you think it's a classic, or will it be dated in a year or two? Thanks!
  2. I have a pair of short heel black leather version. I find it very versatile, it can go well with edgy or feminine style. I think it's classic, overall smartly designed shoe without being too much. GL deciding!
  3. Gorgeous, comfy and well worth the money! Very feminine
  4. Yes. I have the black patent. Love them. The style has been around several years.
  5. Thanks! I have a warm skin tone and the black patent were more flattering on me. I'm debating between these and either another pair of Aquazzura sexy thing sandals in black suede or Aquazzura wild thing sandals in black suede. I want a fun shoe that's also classic to wear with skirts and dresses that can be dressed up or down. My style is classic, so I love a statement shoe that's not too trendy.
  6. Thank you for responding! I've decided to get the black patent. I love the leather version in black too, but patent looked better on me, I think.
  7. Thanks! Do you ever wear them with a cocktail dress? Are they versatile enough to wear day or night? Patent is slightly dressier than black leather ( both are beautiful), however, black patent looked best on me.
  8. I have the black patent lower heel version (purchased 2011) and a dark red leather version (purchased 2008). I think you can dress them up or wear them out more casually. Whatever you want. I wear them out at night. A great shoe, a statement piece of sorts, and it has been out years and years and is still fabulous. Enjoy!
  9. i own a pair an they are my favorite as they are the most comfortable pumps I own. I wear them more than my Louboutins. I wore them all winter at work with skirts, slacks, dresses and jeans. You will love them!
  10. Theres a thread on tribs, but as an owner of multiples, they're super comfy, perfectly styled with platform, makes you taller and legs look great, and can be worn w/ tights in cold weather so it's really a perfect shoe.
  11. Just wanted to update and thank everyone who responded to my thread... I purchased the Black Patent Tribute in the higher heel and it is fabulous! I love everything about this beautiful shoe and I've worn it dressed up and also with dresses up denim to date. I'm so happy I got these.
  12. Yay, so happy for you.