YSL Touche Eclat

  1. I use mine just under my eyes, and it's pretty much the only thing that has helped with my dreaded dark circles.
  2. I swear I must be using this wrong or I have the wrong color. I have #2...I'm around an NC 15-20 right now. I wear 1Bone in EL Double Wear, but jump all the way up to shade 4 if I have a tan. (for as pasty as I am now...I can get extremely dark in the summer.) Maybe I need shade #1? Sephora's site said that is for Pink undertone which I am not. I see no under eye brightness at all...no matter how much I pile on over my concealer.
  3. I've been using this since November and I can't really tell a difference with or without it. :/
  4. I love this product, I love it. I don't love the price or how fast I go through it. I use it on lots of areas, it makes everything better. I just bought the new Revlon copy today expecting to hate it and return it. I actually think I might like it. It's not as good as YSL, of course, but it is better than other copies (Laura Mercier) that I've tried.
  5. Bumping up the tread because I'm interested in trying this item out (need to perk up the under-eye area). I wear 125 in MUFE HD Foundation (125 Sand for light skin with beige undertones), what color do you all think I would be in the Eclat? I was thinking 8 Radiant Silk, but maybe you all have a better idea!
  6. I just purchased it! The SA matched me with a #3. Hispanic, medium in most makeup shades, yellow undertones.
  7. It's awesome product really brightens the eye area and gives you that youthful, rejuvenated, fresh look !
  8. I love this! I pair it with liquid corrector on the bad days (GA or Smashbox Photo Op) or just on it's own under the eyes. I don't go through it that quickly as I prefer more dramatic products for highlighting.

    I'm an NW10 in MAC (slightly more neutral, though), and I use Shade No.1.
  9. This is an awesome product.. love it above the lips & around the nose
  10. Im a MAC NW 43 or Estee Lauder 6NW1 in the Invisible Fluid. Don't know if it helps anyone, but I use the #6 and #7 interchangeably.
  11. me too. I purchased a few weeks ago and debating to return to Sephora or not.
  12. worth every penny to me! :smile:
  13. been using this for awhile & find it works ery well on me & with my coloring it is perfect
  14. i have seriously bad (purple) dark circles and this does nothing for me... so sad as i thought it was gna be like a miracle. by terry do a great similar alternative that has a little more coverage which i love!!! xx
  15. Used this for years and even better in new shades, tried other brands always to return. But then borrowed my daughters concealer pen, looked fab and lasted all day, I pay £24 for touché pen, hers was £3.30! From Aldi super store. Lacura range, worth a try girls