YSL Touche Eclat

  1. I actually feel sorry for the brand... I used to hate this product because I was recommended by a few SA in both Australia and Japan as a concealer... and not to mention the number of magazines that promote this product as a concealer... there are serious problems with YSL's product positioning in my opinion. If these people get confused, it is only natural we as consumers get confused as well.

    It is not a bad highlighter, but there are many similar products out there too.
  2. I love Touche Eclat! It's a great highlighter/concealer for me. I don't use a lot of concealer anyway, so this works great for me.
  3. I tried many concealer brands including Dior, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, MAC, Shu Uemura, and Shiseido. YSL Touche Eclat is by far my favourite one!
  4. This has to be one of my all time favorite products. I use it under my eyes and underneath my eyebrows. It just gives me a fresh, awake look. I've tried similar products and none has worked as well as this one. Definitely worth the money.

    For people who are hesitant to spend the money to try this out, I suggest getting it in this set...http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P275314&categoryId=B70 so that even if you don't like this particular product you can still enjoy the other goodies it comes with. The eyeliner is full size and another favorite of mine. Hope this helped.
  5. I got a sample of this a few months back and now understand why so many people rave about it... it was fantastic! Not quite the right color for me but the product is lovely, smooth, creamy, works well, etc!
  6. I agree with you about the use of it as a highlighter. However, I still really like this product. I use it as a 2nd layer under my eyes to cover up my really dark circles-foundation alone (or Touche Eclait alone) don't cover it completely. My old concealer did cover it all, but it was thick and drying. This is really moist and goes on nicely.

    I really like it, but I'm still debating if I will repurchase. It's $50 in Canada...I think I might look for something cheaper.
  7. I could not agree more with this commet
  8. Excellent product! I don't use make up but I do use this product when I look tired, not only under the eyes but on strategic points to lighten up my face.
  9. Absolutely love it, though use it as a concealer rather than highlighter. It doesn't coverage the redness around my nose etc 100% but it doesn't cake or wear off, so it looks natural and not like I'm wearing lots of make-up. If I had to go out only wearing one item of make-up this would be it.
  10. touche eclat... a fine product from YSL.. have been using it for many years!!
  11. I really like this product, will purchase again. I love the consistency mostly. And definitely can only use as a highlighter, I have pretty dark under eye circles. I use it over my under eye concealer, at the corner of my inner eyes, and around my eyes/temples area. Also use it right under my lip and on my cupids bow...really brings out my lips.
  12. Just picked it up this weekend and I can't wait to try it! How long does one tube usually last?
  13. I love my Touche Eclat! It is such a great tool - however not a concealer. I use both, first regular concealer and then Touche Eclat on top of it and it works like a charm! I've been using it for 4 years now and I don't think that the other brands come even close to it! :smile:
  14. I usually use number 1 but I am more tan now that I use to be. It looks too white under my eyes now. I have to order this because I cant get ysl at my local sephora. Does anyone know the next shade up. I was very fair now I am more light skin...I dont were foundation but my powder is creamy natural or light beige. Thanks if anyone can help :smile:
  15. I use 2, which I think is the next shade up from 1 -- I don't think there is a 1.5. When I compared the shades, I think 1 was "pinky", 2 has a yellow undertone.