YSL Touche Eclat

  1. I have been using touche eclat for about 6 years now and I loooove it. I start to panic a little when I run out and I don't have a back up. It's a staple to me.
  2. I use studio fix concealer under my eyes as well and then apply touche eclat just in the hollow of my eyes to brighten the area up. It looks great on me! Just goes to show how some things work for some and not for others.:smile:
  3. I love this! I wish I could justify spending $40.00 on it, but with my $30 mascaras and $50 foundations, I can't find it in my budget. Laura Mercier secret concealer is good enough I suppose :/
  4. hm...maybe i am using too much?

    it looks fine initially (though for me, i wouldn't say it makes or breaks my MU look), but just does not last on me and cakes and smears.
  5. I have been wanting to try this for a couple years now. I finally purchased it over the weekend. Wow!!! This is great!! I used it on the top of my nose to thin it up a bit - very nice. I used it on my nasolabial folds - very nice! I also used it under my eyes and the inner corners of my eyes. I am very impressed!!
  6. I love the click action on the pen, and also use it as a touch up instead of foundation.
  7. Is this the same as the MAC lustre drops?
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    I want to try this but I cant get anyone to tell me which color I am! I get a different answer everytime I go into a store. So far I have heard 1, 2, and 8. :lol: I am MAC NC30ish, Chanel Teint innocence in 30, MUFE HD in 127...maybe 2 like Japhson?
  9. sounds like you have darker skintone than I do and I use #1...so I would say for you at least #2 :smile:
  10. It's my HG highlighter, I always use this on my under eye circle, works like a charm! I use #2 and I'm a pretty light skinned Asian.
  11. an absolute neccessity! 2 thumbs up
  12. I bought two of these when they were selling at Costco. I bought shade 3, which might be a little dark for me. I love these! I also use Mac concealer and then use this around my eyes...it adds just the right amount of brightness without looking phony.

    I am running out of shade 3, so I might try shade 2. Its a shame it is no longer available at Costco.
  13. i've been using Touche Eclat for about 8 years and i :heart: it, i have 2, 1 in my makeup case & 1 in my bag just incase i need to touchup my makeup.
  14. I am so excited about #6. I plan on hitting the YSL counter to test it.
  15. I'm thinking of picking this out at sephora f&f dont know which color to get. The concealer i normally use is cle de peau in ocher.