YSL Touche Eclat vs. Laura Mercier Secret Brightener

  1. Does anyone know if the Laura Mercier Secret Brightener pen does the same thing as the YSL Touche Eclat? I've heard such rave reviews about the YSL that I'm dying to try it, however I just recently purchased the Secret Brightener, so if they do the same thing, I don't want to spend more $$.
  2. I just bought the YSL and already had the Laura Mercier. The YSL seems to be more of a concealer. It matches the sking tone. It can be used by itself. The Laura Mercier is more of a highlighter. It is to be used over concealer. Both are great, but I really think that it is beneficial to use them together.:tup:
    Hope this helps some.
  3. I never really liked the YSL. It was okay. For the price, you don't get a lot of product IMO. I have never tried the Laura Mercier though.
  4. I use YSL touche eclat, almost everyday, its great. Its easy to blend and I use it under my eyes as I have yet to find a concealer that doesnt look obvious or cakey but touche eclat is supposed to be more of a highlighter. I havent tried the LM.
  5. i really don't like Touche Eclat. it wears off of me really quickly. it'd be good if it had any staying power. i liked Armani's concealer/brightener a lot better.