YSL to Saint Laurent Paris...are you still going to buy this brand?

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  1. I love the original YSL and don't think I will purchase a "Saint Laurent." So sad :sad:
  2. definitely not! i miss the old YSL!
  3. No. It's pretty much horrid now. :sad:
  4. I will not be buying the new Saint Laurent bags. I personally don't like them at all. However, I have been a big YSL fan forever and since summer 2012 have bought 5 YSL bags; medium, red YSL Cabas Chyc, gray Muse Tote, chocolate brown Downtown, black Downtown, and purple, small Muse handbag. I also have a few other YSL bags from many years ago.
  5. I agree and feel it's pretty heart breaking. I'm in my mid-50s and have been into Saint Laurent forever; since the early 70s. I used to look forward to arriving into Paris and going to Saint Laurent. I wonder what Monsieur Saint Laurent is now thinking up there in the after life?

    Last weekend I was in a high end department store and the sales person and I were talking about the new line. The sales person was commenting that the overwhelming majority of the customer comments have been that they do not like the new Saint Laurent line at all. I remember, just during summer 2012, when the same department store had YSL bags and there was always a buzz of women around snapping them up.
  6. If I purchase anything else it will be old YSL style from ebay. Won't be buying anything SLP by the looks of it.
    I enjoy edgy looks but it has to be classy... some of this stuff is just trashy.
  7. Givenchy by Tisci is the best example of being edgy yet classy. He get nothing but praises from the editorial, fashion people and consumer.
  8. OP. Please don't get discourage because many are against the new style and HS takeover. It really depends on your individual style and taste. Vesna hit the nail on the head. The new Chyc bag is minimalist, clean lines, soft supple leather kinda andro looking. The original is more casual (IMHO).
    I am terrible-just terrible at doing reveals. However, I did purchase the new version in black. She's a beauty. I am deciding if I want to keep her for other reasons (hence I have too many black bags). It suits my body type (as I am a very curvy woman) as rectangular is a nice opposition to curves. What matters most is how YOU like it and how it looks on you. I can say the same about any high end designer purses, shoes etc.. I feel the photos don't do it justice as it looks much better in person. Yes, the original is more popular and either way YSL does not have the same resell hype as a Chanel, Hermes, LV for instance.
  9. I cant wait to buy the new 24 hr duffle in black and some tribtoo sandals and another muse two in a smaller size.
  10. None of the new SLP stuff has grown on me so for now I'll stick to buying older YSL bags from the YSL outlet, ebay, etc.
  11. Even if the name changed, the bag still looks classic will not go out of style. I like both YSL and Saint Laurent Paris :smile:
  12. It will be interesting to see though which of the SLP bags remain 'classics' and which ones will drop or get redesigned if your wanting a better word after the first season...:graucho:
  13. When they announce that he is ousted I will be happy....
  14. At first, I was appaled. Especially with the changes of the old bags, but some of the newer bags (not new designs) are actually appealing!
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