YSL to Saint Laurent Paris...are you still going to buy this brand?

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  1. Oh that's good to know. The new Cabas ChYc's have the St Laurent Paris stamped on the bell clochettes :sad:
  2. I am trying to decide, should I buy the cabas chyc black before it is no longer available? Is it a bad investment in 2013 after new bags are out? I really just don't like the new style. I am Still morning the departure of the muse. Love muse bags!!
  3. If you prefer the older style, then you should get it while it's still available.
  4. Thanks, having a hard time finding a black medium... The websites all pulled them. I'll try the stores. Was wondering if a calfskin balenciaga Would be a better option, but everyone has them! Really want an everyday blue or black bag, other suggestions?
  5. Had a question i recently got the oversize ysl muse, its beautiful but I'm thinking I'm quite small framed and worried it looks to massive. I saw just the 'large' one at Neimans and it was a better size but was buffalo leather vs the calf. Does the Buffalo hold the structured shape better or do all ysl muses sort of go floppy or smooshy as some pf members say? So confused as to what to get would love your opinions.
  6. better open up a separate thread with this question in a title, so that everyone can chip in, not everyone will see the question in a thread about SLP

    now, here is a good discussion and side by side photos

  7. Tiffany I noticed that too today all of them say 'sold out' dont know if they are sold out or just taken down to make room for the new style.
  8. You should still be able to find an old version black medium somewhere in the boutiques.
    There are heaps of other bags out there but none quite like the Chyc! I hope you find it.
  9. Thanks so much, I agree I like it more than sny other at this pont (even after reading about people saying the handles/seams have cracked). wish me luck!
  10. The logo change made me to reconsider buying an LV bag instead. But I really adore Mini Cabas' new design. I hope YSL still remains on paperbag, box, and dustbag. I don't know until I find out buying new purse in May.
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