YSL to Saint Laurent Paris...are you still going to buy this brand?

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  1. In women's,mostly jewelry,clutches and bright colored tributes and mocassins version of the tributes.
    None of the well known handbags were reduced.
  2. I need my Corda Tribute....
  3. Stefano was already named the new creative director of Ermenegildo Zegna, so heading back to YSL is pretty much out of the question.

    According to Saint Laurent executives in an article in WWD, the commercial response to Hedi Slimane's Spring 2013 collection was better than expected, and several department stores expanded their commitment by making larger orders.

    So while Hedi may have alienated long-time YSL fans, he is actually bringing a lot of new clientele to the brand. I think he's here to stay.
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    Yeah, I think all YSL fan have already known about Ermenegildo Zegna. I also knew it, but it's men's suite for Gucci, Tom Ford, and etc..., no women's line.

    Plus I know H.S will stay for YSL. What I wrote is just my dream as you can see the last line of my comment. I think H.S's Dior Homme fans maybe buy SLP, but lets see how much SLP will earn for a next couple of years. Loyal YSL fan are ready to move onto other brand names. I bought as many as YSL products which I realy craved from Dec,2012 to Jan,2013 before they disappear.
    So I graduate YSL , and I won't to buy SLP. I'm ready to go for Chanel or other brands now(^∇^)
  5. You still have time! You might want to get YSL products before they disappear.
    SLP SA in Japan told me from Feb, the stores only display SLP products. Muse, Easy, Loady, and some clutch bags are discontinued. Even the second design CC are all sold out and discontinued, which you still can see at NM.com & Saks.com, so only the newest SLP CC and new Muse2 are in store after February.
  6. So what will they put on the front of the clutches now, a vertical SLP instead of the YSL ?!?! Yuck ! Madness...
  7. 'Y' clutch bag with newest version leather is in the YSL JP store, but not BDJ clutch. SA said after BDJ are gone, they don't bring the clutch back.
  8. that is what I though might happen, it is all very sad for me

    I have other brands in my collecton, but was always going back to YSL, it was always different in the era of others being similar, like car models...like when you see a Jaguar in the ocean of same looking cars where I can not tell Mercedes from Toyota how close they came in design (i know, shame on me, but I am car-blind :biggrin:)....but good old Jaguar would always peek with somewhat different shine of bumpers, sleeker line..something is always classier about it in the crowd

    in YSL, the gold in hardware always matched the leather better than screaming gold of Miu Miu and Prada's otherwise sweet designs, bling was always tastier and actually wearable ( even glass rings looked like a million dollars :biggrin: because of unique design), no obvious logo but the design just stands out even in a slouchy bag, the shape is still defined and classy

    How can a designer like Pilati and his team even leave that field of creativity and not wish to do more of it, even independent of a particular line?

    Ford made his own line, not my taste like when he was in YSL, it was all younger and hip then, now it is serious , elegant but soooo serious, and the prices are whooooooah

    I guess I am lost for now

    I tried to like PS bags, I go back to my Rive Gauche....I tried Dior, something was always too much there - I returned them and went back to Muse, I tried Prada and Celine totes, I returned and went back to Downtown

    just a shame
  9. My feelings are similar to Vesna's. I like wearing a luxury bag that is not screaming its brand name like Chanel or Dior or LV. Simple, classy with just a bit of original detailing like the hooks on a Roady or the Y on the Chyc.

    Slimane's designs are lacking flavor in my opinion and it seems that the only models flying off the shelves are still the older ones (or reworked versions). The new collection is not selling out like hotcakes from what I can see so far online. I would like to see how much the buyers will be buying next season.

    When I was buying a clutch at the boutique, I specifically asked for an Yves Saint Laurent version, not Saint Laurent. The SA sighed as if this wasn't the first time that happened.
  10. At this point, I think YSL execs will say anything so I would take that tid bit with a grain of salt. Time will tell though.
  11. I agree. Slimane's bag and shoe designs lack luxury. I love simplicity, but his accessories just seem cookie cutter. Nothing to make me say, "yeah I'm putting down $2500 on that bag."
  12. I wanted a clutch, so do the new ones have SLP instead of the YSL written vertically ? What do the new ones look like ? So disturbing...
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    No no, don't worry, no SLP. I don't think that will ever become a logo.
    The new Chyc clutches were basically the same except they have a seam at the bottom and have Saint Laurent stamped on the inside pocket.
    The new Belle clutches have a longer flap. And of course, the leathers and colours are different.

    There was one Saint Laurent clutch which I thought was pretty nice - it was a mini tweed Chyc in off white.
  14. I feel the same way. The new mens designs are even worse than the women's. Previously, YSL had such nice bags for men and I meant to get one from Mr. Porter but they sold out soon after the name change.

    Such is life I suppose.
  15. Vesna, you hit the nail on the head with your assessment. I do adore my Proenza Schouler SKA, but I'm not in love with any handbag like I'm in love with my Cabas Chyc. It makes a definite statement, but that statement is elegant and understated, not showy and in-your-face. I've never liked LV, I put Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs in the same category (showy, brassy, immature), and I think Prada is boring - sorry for any lovers of these brands. It seems like the new Saint Laurent Paris bowler represents the direction of the new team, and it looks like a Prada bag to me. Functional and square, but where's the style? It seems to be gone. :sad:
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