YSL to Saint Laurent Paris...are you still going to buy this brand?

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  1. I have been concerned for this line ever since I heard Stefano Pilati was leaving.... I just think it's real disrespectful for a designer to come into a well established Fashion House and change it's name, location, and marketing, basically changing everything that is the essence of the brand.... Hedi Slimane is being paid to give his version of Yves Saint Laurent.... not to take the Essence of Yves Saint Laurent away....

    I wasn't too impressed with the collection and I hope they replace him as creative director.... because this is just an all out disaster.... why not make Saint Laurent Paris a lower end version of YSL like Miu Miu is to Prada???.... really???... I mean really???.... I wasn't too impressed by the collection he put out.... and I'm not suprised to see loyal YSL customers stocking up on YSL items before they start putting the SLP stuff in stores that should be a huge sign to the YSL financers that this isn't going to be good for business....

    The only good thing that came out of this debacle is the shade letter Hedi Slimane wrote to Cathy Horyn... that was funny.... but seriously.... YSL need to fix this potential disaster before it becomes a disaster.... also I've been wanting to ask, but are we still getting Tributes and Tribtoos???....
  2. I can't agree with you more. Did anyone see the fashion show? There is a video on SLP website. I am not impressed with the collection.
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    We are still getting tributes and tribtoos but with Saint Laurent stamped on them, a square buckle while the lining still has the YSL logo. Not sure what was wrong with the old versions.

    Didn't think the letter to Cathy Horyn was funny, it was embarrassing PR for the company.

    His collection is wearable, sure, but so is the stuff from many other cheaper brands. There is only so much one would pay for something just because of the brand name especially when it no longer evokes any warm feelings.
  4. I have always loved the "Y" in the YSL bags...a subtle mark that isn't quite as obnoxious as some of the designers. It saddens me this is being phased out. But as long as they can give me a bag that aesthetically appeals to me, I would be willing to buy it. But to me, this is like phasing out the "H" in Hermes in some of their items.
  5. That collection looks so cheap.... I'd rather have Sarah Burton there she aint got no original ideas of her own..... but YSL would've still been YSL.... or bring Tom Ford back....
  6. Oh I know it was embarrassing for the company, but that letter was Stunt Queen Shade.... I live for messy stuff like that.... *GUILTY PLEASURE* :biggrin:
  7. Thank you very much for the reply! You have given me quite a bit to think about since I am also planning to purchase a Givenchy Antigona or Lucrezia and it's a bit difficult for me since I am not able to see and touch the bags in real life before purchasing them :sad:
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    Know exactly what you mean there ;) It was certainly entertaining :graucho:
  9. Nice. Will you be doing any reviews? Plus, I'm curious as to what you reserved. Could you please share? Thanks!
  10. Yes, I saw it. I thought they look like Rag & Bone. He did great work for Dior, but not for YSL. I only love his SLP black and white photographs. They are artistic. But not for designing products.
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    I thought;

    1) YSL(Stefano Pilati)→SLP(Hedi Slimane). This situation made loyal customers buy a lot of YSL products before they disappeared.

    2) SLP creates no-impressing products. That makes YSL fan be mad. 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

    3) YSL will bring back Stephano Pilati. YSL fan have been waiting for him, and we will buy a lot of products again.
    *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

    So YSL is Win Win to earn $$$$$$$$$$$$ (´・_・`)

    It's ok, YSL. We don't upset at you, even we spent and will spend a lot of money. It's time to bring back Stefano Pilati and 'Y'SL, right?

    That's all dreaming about in my head.

  12. I' m one of those people,still on the look out ,I scored a ring last week,and a spectacular cuff yesterday.
    While buying my large Cabas Chyc last october,the SA gave me a hint of the changes to come,but I didn't take it seriously .
    Mind you,he assured me it would be limited to prêt á porter!!

    Around that time I got a call announcing the week long 30% off on selected merchandise that would no longer be produced.I knew I had to smell the coffee!

    Side note:what's up with every designer rebranding their philosophy as rock n roll chic?
    Seriously,is a leather skirt,witch hats,or spiked shoes eveything we should expect fort a thousand grand?
    I can get 100% polyester from high street,so why bother...
  13. Something about the new Cabas Chyc's just seems off. I went into the YSL store and really tried to like it. The difference in the leather, addition of the key bell with the new name and the missing Y in the stitching... I guess I just prefer my old design. Why change such an iconic name that people already love and are so familiar with ? Even my brother (who could care less about bags, etc) voiced his opposition. I do love the color of your bag though, congrats.

  14. What's not coming back???....
  15. Oh God I hope they do.... yesterday I was looking at every YSL collection from Spring 2005 to current.... Stefano Pilati held his own after Tom Ford left.... they really need to bring him back to save YSL from the tragedy that is Hedi Slimane....
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