YSL to Saint Laurent Paris...are you still going to buy this brand?

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  1. I love this bag and would scoop one up if I found it at the right time ($$$); I get carried away by all the bags I want to 'scoop' up when I come acros them. Hope you find one!
  2. I want the Sac De Jour and a Muse II, but I do not think they are calling the Muse II a 'Muse II' - I believe that on the YSL site they are calling what I know as the Muse II a 'MUSE'. I like that this new version is all leather with no canvas insets. I also love the Muse II (old version) that is croc embossed and suede lined. The Duffles seem boring to me. The SL small bags are adorable.
  3. I just peeped the Spring 2014 collection... NO MA'AM... The accessories aren't bad... but the clothing doesn't speak YSL Woman... I still think he gotta go...
  4. I thought I never would...I bought a YSL belle du jour and really hated the name "SLP"...but then I bought a red mini duffle 3 and I adore it. Never say never...
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