YSL to Saint Laurent Paris...are you still going to buy this brand?

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  1. Do not like St Laurent. Whats new about that duffle bag which looks like a bowling bag? Dont like it at all , dont like the shoes dont like the bags im still buying tribute and tribtoo
  2. I hope an expert out there knows the answer to my question:

    just when Hedi Slimane was coming in, were there any YSL Chyc cabas produced in the original style BUT without the squared off YSL zipper pulls? I mean the zipper pulls that have the square holes through them?

    Like was there a cross-over transition season before this bag morphed into Saint Laurent Paris satchel????

    I flat out prefer all the original YSL bags...not Saint Laurent.
  3. I agree. After everything I've seen and read, I wholeheartedly will not buy any saint Laurent until they bring the Yves back or Hedi Slimane leaved
  4. I feel like part of me is dead when they took away the Y from YSL. I will still consider buying the new SLP but it will never be like the original YSL again. YSL is irreplaceable. :shucks:
  5. A year ago, I owned one bag from Yves Saint Laurent and nothing else. Not a single thing caught my attention. I think they were all dull and boring. This is coming from a guy btw.

    When I heard about changing the name to Saint Laurent Paris. I thought the name was horrible since Yves Saint Laurent is such a classic.

    But now, seeing all the new pieces coming out, I have to say Saint Laurent Paris is winning me over. I absolutely adore the house's RTW collections. The clothes are catching my attention and the new shoes, Janis I think, in my mind, beat those Tribute sandals for sure. The men's collection is pretty nice as well. I mean, it's really grabbing my attention at the moment.
  6. Cabas has several versions from YSL through transitional one to the new without Y pattern on the bag. Dust bags, paper tags, zipper pulls - all of it were mixed in a certain times with newer detail...it is a nightmare to authenticate. Font of the serial number changed as well, so that adds to the trouble
  7. I know a lot of people may not agree, but I just love the Sac Du Jour....it is gorgy to me....
  8. Love Love Love his work:loveeyes:
    He seems down to earth too.
  9. Thank you for your response. I have 30 days for full refund which is pretty good.
  10. Hi ladies. I joined the forum as I'm new to YSL (always admired them from afar) and have a question about the clutches. What are the differences between the BDJ and Y Ligne YSL clutch with the new ones from SLP?
  11. well, I know lots of ladies don't like SL but I just bought the first SL bag ever (never liked any YSL) and I love it! it is the medium betty in black suede - love also the new shoes and RTW. neither tribute nor tribtoo ever worked for me so I welcome all changes.

  12. I will say that I love the Betty, too. But is not the Betty based on a classic YSL bag? I dont think it's a Slimane invention - morese a Slimane interpretation.

    Mainly, we just hate the man's attitude.
  13. ah ok, I don't know a thing about him and was not an avid follower of YSL in the last few years, so this is probably why I don't mind.

    it is very possible that it is a reinterpretation of a classic Yves Saint Laurent bag. My mother used to buy Yves Saint Laurent dresses (back then they would never refer to it as YSL) for all major occasions, and I love the classic designs.
  14. I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR THIS YSL BAG FROM 2009 I believe! Saint Laurent does not compare to the vain, confident logo driven aesthetics that Yves Saint Laurent created with the bags! bagaholicboy.com/2010/07/ysl-vavin-duffle/

    Please some one help me find an AUTHENTIC bag! My brother has one so I can compare but he will not give it to me! YSL logo duffle bag
  15. Hi! I'm new to the forums. I just purchased my first Saint Laurent Paris about two weeks ago for my birthday. Although I'm more familiar with the name "YSL", I do think the name Saint Laurent Paris is a bit more sophisticating.
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