YSL to Saint Laurent Paris...are you still going to buy this brand?

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  1. From all the articles I've read on purse blog to opinions on PF...it's now giving me second thoughts on my newly purchased purple classique cabas.

    With the namesake of YSL changing to Saint Laurent Paris, and the "Y" branding on the YSL version of the chyc is now replaced on the Saint Laurent Paris stamp version with a new feature of a leather pouch with hidden key loop instead. Even though I love my bag, I don't know if these changes will make having a YSL/Saint Laurent Paris bag not as lust worthy as before Hedi Slimane's helm.

    Changes like that, are you going to continue buy the bags regardless of these changes or do you think that the lust level will dwindle down and the brand become a story in time?

  2. For me yes, I do not see any significant change in this bag.
    many SA's told me that it is still classic and will never go out of style
  3. I think your purple Cabas is stunning! That's all that matters. :biggrin:
  4. awwww thanks eggpudding!!! ;)

  5. If they create great design bags/shoes that match my style, I will buy them.
    New design bags & shoes are not my taste, so I just don't grab them.
    I know they don't match my wardrobes.
    Now I'm in a mood for Chanel and Dior, so move onto them.
    But I still in LOVE with Muse bag, I'm looking for Muse in magenta or deep purple (violet).
  6. When you really think about it, all that matters is that you like your bag. I honestly prefer the original version of this bag, but can't fault anyone for loving the newer design.

    Are you concerned about resale value? If so, some YSL bags tend to not hold their value that much, what with the sales and what not.

    As to whether I would personally buy more YSL - the answer is maybe. I have picked up two pieces in December, but only because they were classics and one has been discontinued. If Hedi manages to wow me with something, I might make a purchase. But, given how things went down with his ascension to the throne and my lukewarm reaction to him and his offerings, it will take a lot to cough up money for SLP pieces. So many other brands that I like and am willing to spend on nowadays.
  7. what is currently offered is far far away from my style...he perhaps went closer to the original androgynous look Yves himself started with when introduced man-style as feminine wardrobe....but since then Yves himself and Ford and Pilati evolved so much in a direction which was, for me at least, more exciting every time the change happened. I do not even know now whether I like Tom Ford's safari era, flower era,ruffle era more or Pilati's IT bag era, I lust after old models and look for them even on ebay slightly usedrather than reach for the design which never reflected my style

    I am boho type, not simple minimalist elegance - which I adore on others really - so Celine, Saint Laurent Paris, even Hermes classic bags (except for Jypsiere) are not for me

    I LOVE smooshy bubbly leather of easy, roady, wacky design of Downtown, colours that blow my mind...so if I see downtown in purple or camel, easy in turquoise bubbly leather (will never stop regreting taking one when I had a chance) I will grab it
  8. no, from a YSL fan, i have switched over to Chanel & LV.
  9. I got my first ysl the same as yours, but i love the new design very classy. :smile:
  10. the only thing that is constant is "change," why would you stick to old and very common. We have different opinions and it depends on you. The way you dress up, the functionality of the bag and of course it also matches the personality of a person.:smile: :smile:Happy NEW year.:P
  11. you are right about the change being the only constant...it is the matter for the direction of the change and if you personally evolve in the same direction...I am sure Saint Laurent will have a huge number of fans :biggrin:

    I respect new design direction, my only objection is that it is not as different than the others as before...it looks to me like contemporary car designs. About 10 years go I could recognize Mercedes, BMW and Honda as strikingly different, nowdays, when I see Mercedes it takes me longer time and looking at the specific details to recognize it among other similar designs.

    That is what my objection comes from, for Saint Laurent Paris. I saw a photo of Gwyneth Paltrow with, what is supposed to be a grand opening bag for SLP. When I saw it took me a bit of staring at the details to see what brand it is, and my first feeling was that it reminded me of so many similar bags, but even with some weaker points, like the weak strap attachment to the bag....

    I am waiting for more novelties from SLP :biggrin:
  12. I was a little surprised they didn't rework the Downtown as the signature bag? :wondering
  13. +1 also waiting to be wowed by Hedi's SLP.
  14. Hmm, I never quite got into the downtown. May I ask why you think it would be a good bag to turn into the brand's signature piece? Not objecting, just curious...
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