YSL Swatches and chat

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  1. Fall 2016 Scandal Collection

    76 Fur Green
    YSL Fall 2016 76 Fur Green.jpg

    77 Vintage Plum
    YSL Fall 2016 77 Vintage Plum.jpg
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  2. Such a great color :heart:

    Love Fur Green !
  3. I love this color! It is so pretty and not too dark. I can't stand dark color nail polish on my fingers. It makes them look fat. But I too often can't find specific colors. I did stumble across a site called revelere and they show you were you can get products that are hard to find. I looked and they have YSL Peace Green and tell you exactly where you can buy it. :smile:
  4. Just bought #74 (red) rouge over noir.. gorgeous fall red
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  5. A purple YSL from their Manucure Couture Belle de Jour set

  6. YSL Nuit Blanche

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  7. Felt like some sparkle, so added YSL Feuille D’Or to Diorific Royale

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  8. Feeling another vintage-ish vamp: YSL Tuxedo Grey

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  9. And something more spring-like: YSL Manucure Couture Turqouise

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  10. NOTD: another teal. YSL Utopian Turquoise

  11. YSL Gris Orage

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  12. YSL Nuit Noire

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  13. YSL Peace Green

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