YSL Swatches and chat

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  1. I didn't see another thread on this in a search, so I made one!

    YSL The Black Collection 2011


    Black Lapis



    Black Indigo



    Black Bronze


  2. Those are absolutely stunning. All three of them!! And every one of them look gorgeous on your fab nails!!:biggrin:
  3. I really like the formula. Now I'm wondering how many other YSL polishes I need to be stalking. LOL!
  4. I wanted the Garden collection but totally missed out on it. Sad face.
  5. Can't wait to try mine out!
  6. I want these. But I can't afford these right now. So I'm going to walk away and pretend I never saw these swatches :yes::love:
  7. I really find that the YSL formula has improved since a few years back, don't you think so?
  8. Gorgeous. I need them all, y0!

    ITA. I remember trying a YSL NP at Nordies a few years ago and not being impressed. I swatched Utopian Blue a month ago and thought that it improved so much.
  9. I don't know - these are my first YSLs. The formula really is superb. one medium coat for full opacity or two thin coats (which is what I did on the first two, since I didn't know for sure) The Bronze was just one medium coat.

    They do need a top coat though as they dry kind of dull. The top coat bring them to life.
  10. Gorgeous! I have the bronze but I haven't worn it yet!
  11. Another Black Bronze swatch.

  12. Thank you so much for adding "chat" to this thread.

    Sometimes I can barely contain myself in the non chat threads.

    The black collection is INSANE!

  13. What I didn't mention is that you MUST wear a top coat with these...it's what brings the polish alive and shows the color/shimmer.

    Just saw a review online where she didn't use a top coat and you will be disappointed if you don't.
  14. This is Wintergreen! The shimmer does not show on the nail as you would expect or hope, but the formula is so amazing I'm completely in love with this polish!

  15. Meep! This is one of the ones I missed out on!! Looks beautiful on you!