YSL sunglasses ...

  1. Hello ladies ! I'm usually over on the Chanel forum , but i love YSL as well .

    Do any of you remember the ad that was in all the spring 2006 mags of the YSL sunglasses on a girl w/ really long wild hair ? Well . I love those sunglasses and no place by me carries YSL sunglasses .

    I like REALLY HUGE sunglasses . I'm looking over YSL models 6107 , 6081 , and 6079 . Can any of you tell me which of these are the biggest ? Or have you seen IRL ?
    2105C.jpg 2349D.jpg d0_3.jpg
  2. i have the first black pair with the rhinestone ysl sides and i loveee lovee them..they are huge but they fit my face well i have an oval face so it works..noone has them either so alot of people always ask where i got them from...
  3. Thanks ! I have an oval face too , I love huge glasses they are what looks best on me IMO .
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