YSL Studded Platform Sandal

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  1. Oh, my. I love these:

    YSL Studded Platform

    I know they're similar to the Tribute, but these got my attention in a way those didn't. It's probably the fuchsia color. Anyone else liking these?
  2. Oh, yes! They are gorgeous. I love the color as well. I am noticing scarlet and fuschia in a lot of designers for their Spring/Resort collection. They are probably pretty comfy too, compared to other heels of similar height.
  3. I want a pair. I hope they go on sale
  4. i am also debating a pair of these! i love them!! especially the color, perfect valentine's day gift!
  5. They're gorgeous!!! Now I just have to remind myself I can't afford anymore shoes right now and try to get them out of my head :P
  6. Yes, I was thinking that too. They're practically practical! :P I'll have to see if I can try a pair on.
  7. I have these in navy patent and I love them. They are soooooo comfortable.
  8. I really love these! I saw them at the YSL store is SCP last weekend...

    I've really wanted a pair of Tribs for a while, but I'm already 5'10" so I'm having a hard time with the purchase!
  9. really nice!
  10. I like it :girlsigh:the color is fantastic :heart:
  11. I looooooove those! I ordered the black ones but they were too small bc i could only find a half size smaller than my normal size. However they felt like they would be comfy and they were very light
  12. Oooh, I love them, in both colors!
  13. i love these, i've been craving YSL shoes a lot lately!
  14. those are hot!
  15. I tried on a pair. Needless to say I LOVED them. They were beautiful! : )