YSL Stocks at BG

  1. Downtown:

    Black Leather $1795
    Black Patent $1395
    White Patent $1395
    Cypress Green $1595
    Straw $1695
    Tan $1495
    Brown $1495


    Medium Cypress Green $1295
    Medium Brown $1295
    Medium White Patent $1195
    Large Black $1395
    Large Cypress Green $1395
    Large Brown $1395
    Large White Patent $1295
    Large Purple $1295

    This is just the start!!
  2. tnx for the info!
  3. Thank you bgbrunette!
  4. pardon my ignorance, is BG Bergdorf Goodman?
  5. thanks
  6. I was in Bergdorf two weeks ago and they had a medium navy patent downtown; it was a bit nautical looking, but the color was fantastic.
  7. Yes it is Bergdorf's. We just received the uptown in black in the smaller size. i love it as an evening bag!!
  8. do you have the uptown in black embossed croc?
  9. whoops sorry - just saw your other post on the uptown :blush:
  10. We already sold out of the uptown in black patent. We're still waiting for the red color. The small in black is almost gone.