YSL St Tropez bag availability and colors and sizes...

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  1. are these still available?

    I tried the YSL Woodbury outlet and the YSL Madison store...they said to look online but the YSL online store only has it in a size small and in black only.

    I was debating between the white and/or black and how many sizes do they come in?

    Any pics would be great and ideas of which stores may still have them :smile:

  2. In the last couple of years the only retail location I've seen these for sale is ysl.com, where as you mentioned they still offer it in black in the small size. Its possible if you call around to other YSL boutiques that you might find one stashed away in the back somewhere. Otherwise, the secondary market (eBay etc.) is probably your only hope. I see them come up on eBay quite frequently. Its a beautiful bag and all-time YSL classic so its worth pursuing IMO! There are a few pics in this thread in the Reference Library:

  3. ^^thanks Cosmo!!!

    I noticed you're in the DC area too :smile:
  4. Oh and I only noticed two colors, white and black in the ref lib thread link...has anyone seen other colors or have pics?

    And anymore modeling pics so I can get an idea between the size Small and the size Large (correct me if Im wrong to assume there are only two sizes in this bag...but thats just from what Ive heard)

    Thanks :smile:
  5. ^ There are many variations on the St. Tropez. Off the top of my head, in leather, I've seen black, ivory, tan and red. In suede, I've seen light pink and there are also versions which have a combination of regular leather and suede pieces in variations of brown. I've seen it in leopard print calfhair with black leather trim.

    The original versions have a deer horn handle and some have a double handle with two deer horns. Then there are versions with handles that have the deer horn shape, but are leather with metal studs along the length. The newest version is that pictured above, with the leather strap and metal clasp.

    There are probably many other color, leather and handle combinations that I either haven't seen or am not remembering at the moment, too. I prefer it in black since I think there's already a lot going on with the ruffles, but if you want a real stand-out bag and pop of color, the red is lovely. I do think you'll be looking at a second-hand purchase for anything other than black, though, unless there are reports of seeing other versions in the boutiques.
  6. thanks shazam!!!

    i just found 2 larges left in black and in white in YSL and my SA at YSL Madison (Charles...hes a darling!) and another large in black for my friend who was looking too!!

    YAY...cant wait for them to arrive on Wednesday!

    I hope the large wont look too crazy big on me...havent ever seen these in person.

    Wow...the original with the horn sounds cute...or the double horn...alas i was really late into the St Tropez bag so I cant be too picky...so did you mean the new ones have the leather and metal studs along...no horn right?

    I wonder what the red looks like, never managed to see lots of pics of this bag on TPF but the ones I did see were lovely!!
  7. ^ That's great, I'm glad you were able to find them! Definitely post pics once they arrive!

    Yours should look like the one Cosmopolitan posted above, with the leather strap. I believe the metal clasp on it is movable, so you can slide it wherever on the strap it suits you.