YSL Spring/Summer '08 ad pics

  1. [​IMG]
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Gorgeous :love:
  4. Hmmh, I sort of don`t feel it. Kate should go w/out bangs, she needs her face to express her gorgeousness.

    Plus, is it and "ad inside an ad" for the foundation?
  5. LOVE that blue bag
    does it have a white base?
  6. The blue bag looks to be a variation on the Leather Patchwork bag in the Resort thread:


    They're both gorgeous, but I do wonder about a white base on them (since that would be a big maintenance issue for me). I'd love to see one in person, though.
  7. That color blue, is simply gorgeouuuus!
  8. i am in love with that bag!!
  9. Does anyone know what the bag is called? :confused1:
  10. ^No, I've been looking all over and haven't found any information on it, even though the ad is everywhere. Since the S/S bags should be out in a few weeks, I'm hoping there will be some more info coming soon on them!
  11. i wonder when the trunkshows at ysl stores are?
    they usually have info on the new bags...
  12. any luck with finding the bag checked at Neimans no luck with anyone knowing when
  13. it is called "Muse2" as far as i know.