YSL sparkling touch for lips

  1. so.. my friends were raving about it and i finally got it yesterday. $40 Canadian dollars!!
    i bought it in # 5 which is a peachy color, and it has a lot of glitters in it! it smells sooooo yummy , it's super moisturizing, non sticky and you almost don't feel like you have anything on your lips, and it makes ur lips fuller. but the down side is that there's so little in the tube, only 2.5 ml or 0.08 fl.oz. i can buy laura mercier or christian dior lipglosses for a lot cheaper and they would last me a lot longer, i mean A LOT! still, i'm thinking about buying the pink one, but is it worth it? tell me what you think.

  2. If you are happy and love the results get it...
    if you know its going to be one season and then you throw it away at least you know throught the season you will look great!
    I say buy it!
    then find something next season to fall in love with.
  3. it was nice but i don't like the glitters that much....=( i find it too gritty..
  4. try ysl golden glosses instead. they have a but more product, smell divine, and shimmer great (made from 24k gold particles... or so they claim)

    try #3