YSL Small Muse in Bronze **my first purchase**


Mar 5, 2006
Hello Everyone,

I just found this site not too long ago and it feels like a found a home !! My name is Kelly and I am please to meet all the ladies and gents here :P

I just made my very first purchase yesterday. It was a YSL small muse in bronze. I almost have a heartattck when I bought this because, frankly this is my very first major purchase and I already know it won't be my last.


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Daisy said:
Wow, I didn't even know that color existed! Very pretty and welcome!

Thanks everyone for your warm welcome !!

According to Yoko (SA of YSL) at SOuth COast Plaza. She told me (I'm still skeptic about this) that this is the very first one in this color to hit the store in California.