YSL Small Monogram Envelope Wallet <3

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  1. I was in desperate need to give my Chanel Flap Wallet a break! I was looking for a cardholder and stumbled across this beauty!!! It reminded me so much of my Chanel Flap Wallet! Resembling Caviar Leather and Gold Hardware I had to get it. :heart: The price was $425, obviously I could of gotten a Chanel cardholder for about the same price. But I was trying to avoid getting another Chanel item that would make me cringe when daily using. In stores at Saint Laurent in Honolulu, Hawaii all items are 20% off/cheaper so I ended up paying only $356.02! I think that is the best feeling you could ever have buying designer goods. Going in having your mindset about the pricing and walking out spending $85 less! If that can only happen more often :biggrin:.

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  2. It's so cute!!

    You said saint Laurent is cheaper in Hawaii?? Even the bags??
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  3. Correct! Everything in store is 20% off! The SA will mention it after showing you the regular price!
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  4. Also I had them special order this for me since they didn't have it in store. It came in 1 day and they still honored the 20% off! :smile:
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  5. Amazing!!! :heart:
  6. Love it!
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