YSL Small Kate vs Large WOC

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  1. Hi all,

    I’m trying to decide between the small kate and the chain wallet (large WOC). There is only $100 difference in price with the kate being slightly more expensive. The strap drop on the kate is 22 inches and the drop on the WOC is 19 1/2 inches. The WOC is an inch higher and wider than the small kate, but the kate is an inch bigger in depth. My question is, with such a small price difference, which would you choose and why? Below are photos of each. Let me know your thoughts!


    IMG_9054.jpg IMG_9055.jpg IMG_9057.jpg


    IMG_9058.jpg IMG_9059.jpg IMG_9060.jpg
  2. Kate
  3. I vote Kate. But only if you own and enjoy using small wallets or small SLGs to put in the Kate. I personally prefer small SLGs vs putting my cards in the slots of the WOC.
  4. Kate!
  5. Kate. I don't like wocs. It's literally a wallet on a chain bahah. The Kate is an actual purse! And I think it's prettier
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  6. Aesthetically I prefer the Kate because it's more clean and proportionate on my body frame when worn both on the shoulder and cross body (5"5 and medium built). I also think it's prettier with the bigger logo and longer chain. However, even with the updated capacity, it's still a little too small for me whether it's for day or evening wear. In terms of practicality and functionality, the WOC is more convenient as it fits more items and it's easier to locate things without having to rummage/take everything out of the bag. With WOCS, I don't like carrying a seperate Card Holder because it then defeats the purpose of the design where I can eliminate the addtional item and maximaze my space with other essentials. I still have easy access to my cards and cash because this one has card slots on both sides where I can slip my necessities at the very top placements. My main gripe about the WOC is that while you can fit a lot, depending on what you carry and how you place items, the sides can end up looking wonky/distorted because of the divider between the two compartments. You have to strategically pack it a certain way to maintain its shape. This might not be an issue for some people but that would drive me nuts. When worn cross body, it sits a little too high for my liking. So for me, this is a battle between aesthetics and practicality and if I really had to choose, the latter wins. No matter how beautiful a bag is, if I can't use it the way I want to then there's no point in having it. Ironically, I was actually in the same dilemma at one point and ended up paying a lot more for the larger Kate with Tassel which was the best decision on my part. HTH!
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  7. Thanks ladies, I’ll be going with the kate. I totally agree that it looks more like a proper bag in comparison to the woc. I’ve noticed that the authenticate thread for Saint Laurent doesn’t get responses for authentication. So I’ll drop this here and ask what you all think. Real or fake? IMG_9072.jpg IMG_9073.jpg IMG_9074.jpg IMG_9075.jpg IMG_9076.jpg IMG_9077.jpg
  8. When I see ladies carrying the YSL Kate I think it looks drop dead gorgeous. It looks so glamorous for night wear and special events. It also looks so chic during the day with jeans and a shirt, really adds a luxurious element to a day time outfit.
  9. I'm no expert, but I did buy this a few months ago from Saks (then returned, too heavy with just the chain). I think it looks real--the relatively small size of the interior compared to the size of the bag, the nails on the logo plaque, the join in the chain. HTH.
  10. To me these pictures look like they are from the YSL website... are they from the actual bag that you’ll be getting though??