YSL SMALL KATE- Keep Damaged or Return and Wait ??

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Keep Damaged Bag or Return and wait

  1. Keep it and use it

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  2. Return it and wait for restock

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  1. My first ever YSL bag yay !!
    When I got it, I was so happy.. then I realized that there was a mark at the bottom of the bag.... ( please see picture), anybody know what caused it ?? I am sure I did not cause it because I babied it and was gentle when I took it out and tried it on....
    I waited 4 months for this bag.... It is within the return period and I do not know when they will restock again bc it is sold out in stores near me :sad:
    question is : should I just keep it and use it OR return the bag and wait until they restock... could be 1 month from now ..4 months or half a year ...
    PLEASE HELP :sad:

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  2. Where did you order this?? Looks like a scuff ? I'd return and buy it elsewhere. I feel like this combo is easy to find?'
  3. I think you should return and wait for another to come around. If you are now feeling that it is not in the condition you expected you will always think about it.
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  4. Nordstrom has this bag if you're looking for it still!
  5. I would say no to keeping a full price high end designer bag with defects. If this was the last one ever and you were desperate for it and bought it at outlet then that's a different story.
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