YSL Small Bronze Volcano Easy Bag or the Med Volcano/Gold Besace

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  1. Hi Ladies, which will you keep? They are both gorgeous but two very different bag which one should i keep :confused1:
  2. i would go with the easy. i never cared for this bag much, but i saw it irl not too long ago and it is a beautiful bag! so functional and cool.

    the besace is a little clunky for my taste.
  3. I agree, I love the Easy! So simple yet so functional!
  4. Go for the easy. The besace falls off the shoulder. Plus, the easy is much lighter. I just received the med easy in volcanic bronze, and I have to say, it is a great shape.
  5. I'm not a fan of the volcano in gold, but love the volcano in bronze.
  6. Dear fellow Pfers, all of you...canada's, Jellybebe, elianerkitty and adoptastray for taking time to help. Who says it is hard to find a "soulmate" just get them to TPF:tender:
  7. i would say the easy as well.
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