YSL Singapore

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  1. Can't seem to find any threads about YSL Singapore over here. Please delete this thread if anyone can manage to locate one?

    I am thinking of getting the monogram YSL Wallet on Chain and was wondering are there any fanatics out there based in Singapore who can share more information with me?
  2. Hi there, what information do you need?

    I think there are a few sizes, the larger one is $1990.
  3. It's ok already! I gotten the wallet on chain earlier on during lunch haha, there's only one size though =(
  4. Which color did you bought? Omg the stocks are running real fast :sad:
  5. I bought black with shw! Which colour are u looking for?
  6. I bought mine finally! Sorry for the late reply! Mine is the rose caviar with ghw [emoji7]
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