YsL singapore

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  1. Hi tpf friends, im looking for mini chyc cabas. Anybody saw one in Singapore? my husband is going there next week.Hope to gather info.:smile:
  2. My friend checked out for me 2 days ago and she said sold out for mini chyc cabas
  3. Sad...., thanks for the info.:smile::biggrin::smile::biggrin:
  4. But please do check again, maybe will come new shipments :smile: good luck Lizgener
  5. Last night i had a dinner with my college friends. I saw one of them carrying chyc bag. My desire for that bag grow bigger and bigger. Wishing to have one before christmas:smile:
  6. My friend was there yesterday and she saw the new mini chyc cabas.
  7. Wow, that's great. Did she mention the color?:smile:
  8. Now I want the medium size also :biggrin: hopefully you will get for Xmas ;)

    Thanks for the info :smile:
  9. I don't know the name, but it is the brown / camel / luggage shade...
  10. Thank you.:smile: my husband will be there tomorrow. Keeping my fingers cross to get one:smile:
  11. Keep us posted of what you got. I also had a mini being shipped to me.. it will be here probably tomorrow..
  12. It's coming to my hands tomorrow:smile: hot pink mini chyc cabas redesigned. Will post pics soon as i get it.:biggrin:
  13. Buy from duty free shop in T3 Singapore, I noted a few of mini cabs on sale, I think 30% off. price in T3 is 7% cheaper than normal retailer, don't miss it.

    I scored a large black patent leather muse at 30% off, I think it was a good deal.
  14. Yay congrats! Can't wait to see your pics
  15. Is it the one with the clochette? Can't wait for your pics...

    Do you remember the color of the mini? I wonder they have small black patent easy bag too..
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