YSL Singapore still having a sale?

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  1. Hello, can anyone help with this one?

  2. Hi hi, popping over from the Chanel forum...

    Yup, the sale is still on as of today. I just went in and bought a plum patent clutch. yipee!! But my item wasn't on sale.. lol
  3. Hi, do you happen to see any new items on sale? Or is it left with the unsold items?
    Would love to see pictures of your clutch.
  4. hmmm... i don't really know which are the new items and old ones... cos today was the first time i stepped in for the sale. I did see plenty of shoes on sale, a couple of downtowns on sale, maybe some tributes plus rtw. Moreover I was really fixated on my clutch... wahaha. I did try the heart flip flops (if u know what i'm talking about). It wasn't comfy for me though...
  5. yup, the sales is still on.

    was there last week to see Y-mail has arrived yet. and saw some pocket-less downtown bags on sales (the patent ones and those with side pockets are classic, as I was told by the sales ladies, so not for sale)

    went to the store again to get my Y-mail long wallet. did not see many bags left but more shoes for sale now. sadly, not fancy for their shoes.

    P.S. Y-mail collection has arrived. My black patent long wallet is SGD670 (pretty good deal) but I want the silver one too. Already put my name on the waiting list again.
  6. Last day of sale - Sunday 3rd Feb.
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